Changing Markets.
Changing Minds.

Every change is an opportunity.
But only when the opportunity is seized.
This is our motto at Indigo.
Our talent. Your gain.

Who We Are

We may not be the biggest, but we belong to the best.

For over a decade we have stood for executive search at its best. What began as a small group of specialists for financial services and real estate has become a multiple award-winning market leader. For us that means:

Motivation and commitment to offer our developed services at the very highest level. Nationally and internationally.

Meeting the digital and regulatory challenges that come with the transformation of each and every industry. To live diversity and promote diversity among our customers. 

Indigo Headhunters+. Discover what our + can do for you.

about us

What we do

Action based on ability.

Connecting the old world with the new. Reducing complexity. Merging benchmark know-how across industries and value chains. Evaluating and developing company potential. And, last but not least, guaranteeing the effective placements of executives, strategic positions, right up to the optimal composition of the board.

We are committed to all of this. As consultants. As sparring partners. Market experts. Coaches. Independent. Entrepreneurial. Holistically positioned. Top down.

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