Public Services

The public sector is in transition. Requirements and challenges are comparable to those of the private sector. And yet the public sector must follow its own rules. Tight budgets require economic efficiency. A need to make up ground in professionalisation. Technological progress is a necessity. A paradigm shift that requires modern leaders. Gender diversity included.

Indigo accepts this challenge: being familiar with the framework conditions and developing optimal solutions. With a keen sense for organisations. Finding goal-oriented, adaptable leadership individuals who can manage complexity and navigate the organisation. Leading everyone together to the desired goal. 


  • Partner for the Federal Government, the Federal States and cities
  • From board positions at banks to the management of local institutions
  • From commercial enterprises and foundations to cultural or scientific institutions
  • Professional search processes with full transparency
  • Clear criteria for a comprehensible candidate selection
  • Strong stakeholder management based on trust
  • Deep understanding of not only the responsibilities, but also the challenges of public sector institutions

Our Clients

  • City, state, federal – public institutions of any kind
  • Economy, art, culture and science
  • Public foundations

Positions and Roles

  • Board members / Managing Directors in the public sector
  • Board positions at development banks
  • Management of commercial enterprises in the public sector
  • Management of non-profit enterprises
  • Management of institutions providing pensions

Our Consultants: