Executive Search

Our three pillars:
Growth. Transformation. Digitalization.


We drive transparency and speed. Close communication with our clients enables us to change our search methodology at short notice and at any time. Flexibility as usual. 

Structured Approach

We do not simply process mandates. We holist them through a structured process that is led by our partners – from initial contact to placement.


We gladly act as a calling card for your business. However, if required, we are happy to quietly enter the market with a discreet direct approach. What the client wants is exactly what the client gets. Always.

Search Process

We engage deeply: listening, understanding cultures and structures, identifying differences, deducing and recognizing USPs. We furthermore advise our clients on role profiles, jointly determine requirements and develop concrete job specifications.

We consider the full spectrum. Identifying competitors, determining target companies, and defining the search radius are all criteria that help our Research Associates find potential candidates. But that is not the end. Instead, we make sure to branch out of traditional schemes to find “out-of-the-box”-talent as well.

We bundle our know-how: gathering results, determining priorities as well as consulting the client before entering the market. Candidate approaches can commence.

First impressions are crucial. We always initiate contact ourselves, irrespective of consultant seniority, to ensure that only the best and brightest find the way to our table. We present fitting arguments to arouse interest and pave the way for in-depth conversations.

We invite, examine, and assess: personality, experience, motivation. During a semi-structured interview, we experience the candidate on multiple dimensions and check for professional as well as personal compatibility with the role and client.

We select and recommend. Based on our initial interviews we select the best candidate and write detailed, confidential reports. With these documents in hand, the client can get a first feel for the candidate that fit the given requirements.

We coordinate and present. Since paper can never substitute a personal meeting, we strive to connect our clients with the candidates as early as possible. Depending on client preferences, we can accompany interviews and/or simply coordinate the entire process.

Almost there: contract negotiations, contract signing, termination of prior employment. The last phase holds many uncertainties as difficulties can surface during negotiations. Counteroffers from the current employer may even derail the candidate’s desire to change companies. Only a consultant who has gained the trust of all sides is in the position to navigate such situations successfully. We consider ourselves advisors and mentors who bring the candidates across the finish line.

A further essential element: Not only the placement but also the rejected candidate has the right to know where he or she stands. We strive toward cultivating an open and transparent feedback loop to include also those individuals who dropped out of the race early – that way nobody leaves without an added value.

Candidate Assessment

The qualitative assessment of the candidates is based on many years of experience in headhunting and coaching. State-of-the-art – holistic and from a single source!