Management Audit

Evaluating Performance – Identifying Potential.

The competence of the individual and the interaction of forces in teams and organisations – two sides of the same coin. Indigo’s quality check ensures a successful path into the future. Our customers benefit from our many years of experience in a dynamic environment.

Management Audit Process

No management audit resembles the other. Definition of the status quo and audit design go hand in hand. Whether Management Audit or the candidate selection process – the strategy, requirements and needs are individually tailored to our clients. We define precise competence models and ensure their proper design and implementation through our highly-experienced experts.

Indigo selects the appropriate personnel diagnostic tools based on the competence models tailored to the client. Our highly-experienced experts are trained to use a variety of recognised tools. These include the BIP – Bochum Inventory for job-related personality descriptions, Insights MDI, MBTI, LSI – Life Style Inventory and others. We also build case studies, business case simulations, role-plays, offer self-assessments or enable 180°/360° feedback.

Indigo uses both, qualitative and quantitative methods to identify potential and evaluate competencies. Personnel diagnostic tools in combination with semi-structured, competence-based interviews complete the picture. The interviews are conducted exclusively by experienced senior consultants.

Indigo correlates the individual analysis results to the defined requirements and identifies overlaps and deviations. This provides clear indications of potential, opportunities and risks.

Based on this analysis, Indigo prepares detailed documentation of the results. Depending on the objectives, a recommendation is made for selection, staffing or strategic personnel planning. This provides clearly formulated development recommendations for taking on a suitable function or implementing personnel development measures or coaching.

Indigo ensures the transfer by accompanying the entire process. As a facilitator, consultant and initiator.

A high degree of validity and objectivity, in addition to methodological competence, ensure excellent acceptance among the audit participants. The additional feedback sessions, which we offer as an add-on to the results of the personal diagnostic tools, are also always highly appreciated.