Board Consulting

Supervision requires vision.

Today’s supervisory and management boards face tough challenges. Of crucial importance: the ability to adopt different perspectives in order to optimally align the corporate strategy for the long term. Transformation simply means permanent change. And it is happening faster than ever, permeating all sectors and levels.

We are there for our clients in every respect, to help them successfully create the processes that come with this transformation. As entrepreneurs we know what matters. In close cooperation with the board of directors and top managers, we work together to shape an entrepreneurial vision, a hierarchy of objectives and a solid roadmap.

Board work is team work. Only when a team is optimally composed can each individual contribute their strengths, ensuring agility and the success of the whole.

Members of staff appreciate continuous quality of leadership. So do stakeholders, analysts and committees. Making this possible is a top priority in our programs and services. After all, not only Hollywood movies require top casting, but also supervisory boards, boards of directors and CEOs.

Entrepreneurial success, 20 years in executive search, networked with the leading players in today’s economy – this is what sets us apart. Our approach: some dream, some do and some do both. Finding the right mix, in close cooperation with our clients, is the sure path to long-term success.

From assessment and optimal placements to the comprehensive consultation of committees – we master the entire repertoire.


Mixed teams deliver better results. Fact. Living diversity means meeting complexity. That’s simply how it works. And we are not talking simply about gender. It is no longer a question of “whether”, but more “how” diversity is implemented and practiced. It starts with the right mindset. Followed closely behind by a resolute implementation of the right hiring. Having a reliable partner with an external view is often exactly what is required.

Corporate Governance

Following a code is not enough – only a healthy heart can provide the body with the life source that it needs. The success of supervisory and advisory boards relies on having the right composition and they must plan for the future. We develop competence profiles, find the missing piece of the puzzle and help to meet new transparency requirements.


Regardless of whether upheavals are digital or otherwise – dealing with change has become a USP. How adaptable is a company, and how quickly can management respond? Only companies with the right DNA stay at the top. We are both pioneers and your guides through transformation – every step of the way.