Software & IT Services


  • Many years of experience consulting software and IT services companies
  • Expertise in the development and expansion of cloud computing, SaaS and PaaS models and support in the transformation from on-premise to SaaS
  • Strengthening of IT services and outsourcing structures

Our Clients

  • Software companies – B2B/B2C, on premise/SaaS/PaaS
  • Cloud services
  • Services provider IoT and industry 4.0 devices
  • Service providers for artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, data analytics, DLT or cyber security
  • IT, API & data services
  • System integration
  • Hardware & IT infrastructure providers – IaaS
  • Managed & outsourcing services
  • Private equity

Positions and Roles

  • Supervisory and advisory boards, advisor teams
  • Board and management roles
  • C-Level for all functional areas and their direct reports at business unit manager, divisional and departmental manager level
  • Support for buy & build, M&A and PMI
  • Establishment and expansion of new agile organisational and management structures, business areas, products, sales and business development organisations
  • Support of D/A/CH market entry and growth strategies
  • Management audits and talent assessments

Our Consultant: