• Transformation of a long-established industry
  • Recruitment and development of progressive managers in all core areas
  • Seizing the opportunities offered by digitalization and the use of disruptive technologies
  • Managing investments through the challenging low interest rate environment
  • Strengthening diversity

Our Clients

  • From international players to specialised suppliers
  • From primary insurance to reinsurance
  • From industrial insurers to individual and property insurers
  • From direct insurers to service insurers
  • From brokers to in-house brokers

Positions and Roles

  • Members of the board / Managing Directors / C-level
  • From leading positions to experts
  • From strategic functions to implementation
  • Digitalisation of processes and structures
  • Product development and actuarial services for all lines of business
  • Marketing and sales
  • Asset management and real estate

Our Consultants: